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This is What Asexual Looks Like Part 3, Femme Edition:

‘#ThisIsWhatAsexualLooksLike – Part 3: Femme Edition’ is here!

When I was given the opportunity to write for @qwear, I decided to start the #ThisIsWhatAsexualLooksLike series and hashtag to give the agency back to asexual people, so that we could represent ourselves. I wanted to give us a platform to show that there is no asexual way to look or dress.

In this edition of the series, I chose to focus on asexual femmes, to highlight our experiences navigating a world which sexualizes us and our self-presentation. I’m grateful for all of the femme-presenting asexual people who have participated in this new chapter of the series – @omgyoash, @aidennqueen, @valer_kimiko, @dexgenerate, Stephanie Zambrana from @aces_nyc, and  @twykad!

Check out the article here to see more of their style and to hear their stories!